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Frequently Asked Questions


How can I purchase BORDERPASS™?

  • BORDERPASS is available for purchase online, and stores across the country, including over 500 Sobeys, Safeway, Lawtons, FreshCo. and Rexall pharmacies. Companies or groups can order BORDERPASS by contacting the StageZero business development group.

Where is BORDERPASS™ accepted?

  • BORDERPASS is intended to be used for destinations that accept saliva as a specimen type for PCR tests. Many countries accept saliva for PCR tests. Barbados and China do not accept saliva, as both countries require nasopharyngeal samples.

  • Travel testing requirements are dynamic and patients are advised to visit the official page of their destination to ensure they are fulfilling every requirement.

How do I book my remote BORDERPASS™ RT-PCR Virtual / Remote test appointment?

  • Instructions on how to book your video witness appointment are included in the BORDERPASS™ kit once you have purchased it. Book an appointment for your test that is as early before your flight as your destination allows

When do I get my test results for my BORDERPASS™ RT-PCR Virtual Test?

  • Once you have completed your virtual appointment and sent your test sample to the lab, the test results will be sent to you via encrypted email within 24 hours of receiving your sample. Please note, your sample is shipped to a US lab and therefore is subject to potential delays at customs. Although we do our best to mitigate these issues, shipping delays are outside of our control. If a delay occurs, your resulting time would also be pushed out.

How do I contact Stage Zero Support?
Call us at 804-261-3340 or

Can test samples be shipped to the lab on Saturdays?

  • Yes, samples can be shipped on Saturdays.

Can I ship the test sample to the lab on a different day from when I have my video witnessing appointment?

  • You always want to ship your test sample to the lab on the same day you have your video witnessing appointment so as to minimize the time between your video appointment and when you receive your test result.

  • In Canada, the shipping label needs to match the shipping date. In the US, the shipping label does not need to match the shipping date.

Do I need a special box for shipping my test samples to the lab?

  • No. If FedEx asks you to put a test sample kit in a special ‘biohazard/dangerous good pouch’ please tell them that this is not required, as the BORDERPASS™ shipping boxes are approved for shipping as they are, without requiring a special bag.

Support Anchor

Cancellation Policy

No refunds on online purchases:
We thank you for choosing StageZero for your testing needs. Kindly note, we are not able to accept returns on testing kits purchased from as these are medical devices.

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