Convenience, comfort and peace of mind

  • Collect your saliva sample from your home, office or hotel room

  • Accepted at Canadian, US and most international borders

  • 1-way and 2-way kits available for travellers departing from the US or Canada

Don't scramble to find a PCR clinic on the road

Pack a BORDERPASS™ kit for your trip home!​

Now available at:

Saliva Collection device SDNA-2000 authorized by Health Canada, SDNA-1000 authorized by the FDA

How it works

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Step 1

Purchase BORDERPASS™ online or in-store

  • If you purchase online, it will be FedEx'd to your home, office, or hotel room.

  • Please order as early as possible prior to your departure.

  • You can purchase BORDERPASS™ at over 500 Sobeys, Safeway, Lawtons, FreshCo. and Rexall pharmacies. Please ask the pharmacist as the kit will be behind the counter.


Step 2

Book a Video Witnessing Appointment

  • You will find instructions on how to book your appointment inside your kit.

  • Book an appointment that is as early as possible within your destination's allowed time frame.

  • Please visit our Travel Tips section below to determine the best time for your appointment.


Step 3

Ship your Sample to the Lab via FedEx

  • The day before your appointment, call 1-800-Go-Fedex to schedule an express pick-up directly after your appointment. 

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BORDERPASS™ is the perfect solution

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PEACE OF MIND that their PCR test will be accepted at Canadian, US and most international borders

CONVENIENCE of not having to search

for a clinic when they’re on the road

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StageZero's BORDERPASS™ is the perfect solution for the business traveller!